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Membership in Phi Sig is for life and involvement in the Fraternity means a life enhanced by the spirit, fellowship, and principles of Phi Sig. The Phi Theta Chapter Alumni Program focuses on contributing to the Chapter through our cardinal Principles of Brotherhood, Scholarship, & Character.



The Third Degree is an honor bestowed upon all Phi Sig alumni that signifies their membership status in the Fraternity. The Phi Theta Chapter Third Degree Program is our Alumni Association general fund used to support and perpetuate the existence of the Phi Theta Chapter for generations to come. 

The Alumni Association is responsible for the management of donations to the Chapter from external sources as well as from alumni around the country. This ensures that Alumni dollars are used to benefit the Chapter in the manner intended. Alumni donations are critical to the continued success of the Chapter.  A donation is more than just a collection of money; the fund is a tool for turning individual generosity into a collective energy. It represents the dynamic interaction of people working together to support the Phi Theta Chapter and our Cardinal Principles. We ask that all Alumni consider making an annual financial contribution to the Chapter.

We also respect your privacy and donations can be made anonymously, In memory of, or on behalf of another brother.



We also want to thank and recognize each Alumni and Organization for their financial contributions to the Phi Theta Chapter’s Third Degree Program.


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